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“I have always been fascinated with fairy tales, and the idea that Prince Charming is just one castle away. And you’re gonna run across a field and meet each other in the middle, and have an amazing, perfect movie kiss. And it’s gonna be happily ever after.”

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 5:14 PM
Please don't stop the music
Just got back from 8 hours at the library. My feet ache and my hands are soooooorrre.
Tuesday, December 30, 2008 @ 1:51 PM
I'm not a supermodel, I still eat Mcdonalds. Baby, that's just me.

Is the new trend in hair bangs or something?

Roanna has bangs, Yee Win has thin-ish bangs, WAN LIN HAS BANGS O: , and Rainie Yang in Miss No good has bangs!

My mum wanted me to get bangs...a few weeks ago. But now since everybody has bangs, eh, no thank you.

Wan Lin looks wierd in bangs. I nearly couldn't recognise her. omg.
Roanna has had bangs ever since I've known her.
Wait. Does chelsea have bangs now? Oh wait. She has short hair, not bangs. right. but she might have bangs....

HILARY! If you see this, upload the star onto your blog already. grr.

Yeee Win looks so cute with bangs! Mostly because her hair is really short now, and she ties this tiny ponytail at the back, which is very cute! And she looks like someone out of an anime.



Last Tuesday
Training in the morning. And er.. I can't really remember much.

Last Thursday
Christmas eve!
Met with Hilary, Lilia, Esther and Moony at AMK. Then we went to eat lunch there. I ordered er... wanton noodles, which were damn oily. Lilia didn't touch most of her sotong on her prawn mee.

Then we went to the supermarket, ntuc issit? To buy chips and drinks. We dumped all our bags on the trolley until there was only enough space to put one bottle. Heh.

We were debating what to buy, with Moony checking for this poisonous thing on every bottle.

Then we went to checkout. The person in front of us had A LOT of stuff, so we had to wait really long. Hilary wanted to buy soyabean at the shop in front, so I followed her and bought soya bean ice cream for me and soya bean bubble tea for Esther. When we got back, everything had been checked out already.

Then Moony decided to but a durian puff. There was a loooooooong queue, and we had to wait some more. We had a lot of time left anyway, and I haven't finished my icecream.

Then moony finally got her durian puff. According to her, it was hot on the outside, cold on the inside. wierd.

Then we all went to take the mrt to meet the rest at bedok. We made a star with our fingers. HILARY GO UPLOAD IT NOW.

We met the seniors and took a bus to the place. Hilary taught us how to play "Mice" and we all played. So fun. We were making a lot of noise though.

Chalet was far away from the bus stop, and it started raining like siao. We had to walk all the way to the chalet, and my sandals broke. I got new ones already.

We just slacked around in the room, playing cards and watching bu liang xiao hua.

Then we had christmas exchange. I got stitch's girlfriend, Angel, which I promptly renamed Stella, after shortening Sticherella. Hilary got my donut.

Last Friday!
CHRISTMAS was awesome smawsome.

My saturday and sunday were boring.
nuff said.

PSL meeting was kinda okay I guess. I got assigned to 2 committees. Website and Training Development.

Training was the worst. Xue jiao lian scolded me like crazy. sheesh.

Rehearsal didn't go too well. Meh.
Friday, December 26, 2008 @ 10:36 PM
You make things so complicated.

I got a Rubik's Revenge 4x4 cube for Christmas! WHEEE~ \

and just solved it using internet instructions. -_-

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 @ 11:03 PM
well, it's been a year, it doesn't surprise me.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 @ 5:46 PM
Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress? Well baby, that's just me.
Gee, getting addicted to It's Over by Jesse McCartney, Don't Leave by Vannessa Hudgens and La La Land by Demi Lovato.

And Last Christmas by Ashley Tisdale rocks. BEST version.

Ahhhhhh! WTH WTH WTH.

Wan Qing got to take 112 next year! I want! ;___;

I'm taking 111 btw.

The wierdest thing is that, my psl camp group, 4 members got to stay together.


This is getting wierder and wierder.

There's Wushu Chalet! Again, I cannot stay overnight. ):
So I'm going for first day. Wheeee~
Saturday, December 20, 2008 @ 4:10 PM
Callie if you read this,

@ 12:37 PM
TIREEEDDDD and moody.
Hello I'm back from HK.

Apparently many of you don't come read my blog often, because I received about 10 or so sms-es. Geez. Fiona and Jun Hui and Wan Qing, didn't I tell you all I was going overseas, which is why Iw ouldn't be able to go for csp.



Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 6:42 PM
Oh hi again.
Hello! (:


Do this for me please? You can even be anonymous if you want.


It helps me decide what are my new year resolutions, so be honest.
@ 6:39 PM
No song lyrics title for this post. >< Because I can't think of one.

Just back from the library.

Note to self:
-Sign up for everything. You'll end up doing the same things anyway.
-Wear comfier shoes.


The end.


@ 1:36 PM
If anyone could make me fall in love, you can.
1 1/2 hours to csp @ the library.

Am I nervous? Of course.

Go listen to David Archuleta's you can!
Wednesday, December 10, 2008 @ 2:41 PM
Once upon a time

I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye

We caught on to someting

I hold on to the night

You looked me in the eye and told me you loved me

Were you just kidding?

Cause it seems to me

This thing is breaking down

We almost never speak

I don´t feel welcome anymore

Baby what happened please

Tell me cause one second it was perfect

Now you´re halfway out the door

And I stare, at the phone

He still hasn't called

And then you feel so low you can´t feel, nothing at all

And you flashback to when he said

"Forever and always"

Ooohooh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong

It rains when you´re here and it rains when you´re gone

Cause I was there when you said

"Forever and always."

Was I out of line?

Did I say something way too honest?

Made you run and hide like a scared little boy?

I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute

Now I´m not so sure

So here's to everything

Coming down to nothing

Here's to silence

That cuts me to the core

Where is this going?

Thought I knew for a minute but I don´t anymore

And I stare at the phone

He still hasn't called

And then you feel so low you can´t feel nothing at all

And you flashback to when he said

"Forever and always"

Oh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong

It rains when you´re here and it rains when you´re gone

Cause I was there when you said

forever and always

Did you mean it baby?

I don´t think so.

oh ohhh

Oh back up, baby back up.

Did you forget everythiiing?

Oh back up, baby back up.

Did you forget everything?

Cause it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong.

It rains when you´re here and it rains when you´re gone.

Cause I was there when you said

"Forever and always."

Oh I stare, at the phone

He still, hasn't called

And then you feel so low you can´t feel, nothing at all

And you flashback to when we said

Forever and always

And it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong

It rains when you´re here and it rains when you´re gone

Cause I was there when you said

Forever and always

You didn't mean it baby.

You said "forever and always."


@ 2:10 PM
rollercoaster kinda rush.
10 things meme.

1. are you single? - yeah
2. are you happy? - sort of?
3. are you bored? - YES
4. are you Italian? - NO!
5. are you pregnant? - no duh. o_o I roll my eyes at you question. -_-
6. are you Irish? - nope
7. are you nice? - idk.
8. are you Asian? - yep.
9. are you sober? - yeah... Sober means not drunk right? o_o
10. are you cold? - A little

[1] full name: -Ho Ping Ghee
[2] nicknames: PG, pinyi, ping gheeeeeee (stretch the ee in ghee really long.)
[3] birthplace:- Mt Alvernia Hospital, Singapore.
[4] haircolour: - Black
[5] natural hairstyle: - straight wavy ish.
[6] birthday: - OCTOBER 16!
[7] facebook mood:- None.
[8] favourite colour: - blue!
[9] one place to visit:- Paris/New York!
[10] where are you going to be in an hour?: no where. I'll still be stuck behind the computer making icons. >__> I HAVE NO LIFE OMG.

1* have you ever been in love? -I'm not gonna answer this, because either way you guys will bug me about it.
2* do you believe in love at first sight?- yes
3* have you ever been hurt emotionally? - sort of?
4* have you ever broken someones heart?- I hope not.
5* have you ever had your heart broken? - no
6* have you ever liked someone and never told them?- erm...
7* are you afraid of commitment? - erm....
8* who was the last person you hugged? - My sister
9* who was the last person you said I love you to? - My mom.
10* who was the last person who made you cry? - my dad.

[1] love or lust? -love
[2] hard liquor or beer? - none.
[3] cats or dogs? both.
[4] a few best friends or many regular friends?- few best friends
[5] television or internet? - internet!
[6] wild night out or romantic night in? - romantic night in
[7] money or happiness? -both?
[8] day or night?- Night
[9] IM or phone? -phone.
[10] hamburgers or fries? - fries!

[1] been caught sneaking out? - nope.
[2] been skinny dipping? - no
[3] done something you regret?- YEAH DUH.
[4] bungee jumped? - No. Thank goodness.
[5] lied to someone you like?- yes
[6] finished an entire jaw breaker? - nope.
[7] slept in the same bed with someone from the opposite gender?- nope
[8] cried because you lost a pet? -yeah. Didi died. I cried.
[9] wanted to disappear?- very often.
[10] slit your wrist? - NO!

1] smile or eyes? - both! xD
2] light or dark hair?- both! (:
3] hugs or kisses? - erm...
4] shorter or taller? - taller
5] intelligence or attraction? - intelligence.
6] romantic or spontaneous?- both
7] funny or serious? - both
8] skinny or fat?- medium?
9] outgoing or quiet? - both.
10] sweet or badass?- both!

lawl, look what my hp match is at hh_stamping:

And my previous character stamp:

So yay, I officially ship Cedric/Hannah! Yay!

The stamp I'm most proud of:
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 @ 6:53 PM
all those other girls, well they're beautiful, but would they write a song for you?
Currently very addicted to "Hey Stephen" o_o

Events coming up in my life:
Thursday-first time volunteering at the library (CCK library. Don't come. I'll probably be doing something that embarasses me)
Sunday-HOOONNGGKONNNG HERE I COME! Just me, my sister and my mom, no tour guide. :D


I bought new sparkly shoes for new year! They're these black shoes with a short heel, covered toes and covered heels, with sequins all over and a little black bow at the top. (:

And can I tell you how ngirenwgnorkigtnijne asdf HAPPY I am that NICK AND STARR! won the Amazing Race?! I watched the simulcast thingy. So HAPPY! :D

And what Ken did to Tina at the end was really sweet. (:
I almost cried. So sweet.

And Starr and Dallas are dating! Yessssss! *starr/dallas shipper. :D*

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Sunday, December 7, 2008 @ 7:22 PM
When you walk, when you talk, when you say my name
Friday, December 5, 2008 @ 6:09 PM
And that's the way I loved you.
I'm tired of this blogskin already. I shall make a new one soon. Probably on either "Fearless" or "Forever and Always" or "Hey Stephen" or "Fifteen" or.....

Oh well, you get it, I have a Taylor Swift obsession.

sigh, I just feel so bored now the school is gone.

I'll probably feel freakishly stressed and crazy when school starts.



Thursday, December 4, 2008 @ 3:20 PM
you are the music in me
1. Put your Ipod on shuffle
2. Post the first line of the first 21 songs that play
3. The 21st song's first line is your title.

I don't feel like taking out my mp3, so I'll just have to go to
Sorry, this is all disney-esque songs because I'm listening to Ashley Tisdale radio.
list of songs right at the bottom.

Imagine having everything we ever dreamed. Don't you want it?
Everybody tells me it's so hard to make it
You ought to be careful with your promises
I've been waitin' all day for ya babe
A long time in a land far away lived the pineapple princess Tiki

Come on guys tell me what we're doing
Coach said to fake right
Lately I've been thinking
What? Is that all you've got to say?

Everybody's always talking at me
Cause we rock, we rock, we rock on
Throw your hands up if you know that you're a star
Oh do do do do do do do do

Sharpay/Ryan "I want it all"

Selena Gomez "Tell me Something I don't know" <33333
Jennifer Love Hewitt "Where are you gonna run to?"
Jojo "Leave{get out}" <33333
Sharpay/Ryan "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a"

Miley Cyrus/JBros "We got the party"
Troy "Get'cha head in the game"
Corbin Bleu/Vanessa Hudgens "Still there for you" :D
Ashlee Simpson "Outta my head"

Troy "Bet on it"
Camp Rock "We rock" -_-
Cheetah Girls "Girl power"
Jordan Pruitt "Jump to the rhythm"
@ 3:17 PM


@ 2:36 PM
I won't try to philosophise, I'll just take a deep breath and look in your eyes.
Ah heck, the widget in my previous post isn't working. ;_;

Anyway, click the "here to vote" thingum and vote Taylor Swift's Love Story as country song of the year plskthx. tyvmia.
@ 11:33 AM
when I met you on the outskirts of town
People's Choice Awards
Go to

You would totally make my day if you do this for me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 @ 5:26 PM
Let the music be your guide.
To Do list:
-update my hh_diagon list and inform club leaders of my purchases
-do disney_identity banners
-Finish up my 14 requests. *faints*
[0/14 done so far; working on: 2]
-Finish Math Qns. Algebra should just crawl in a corner and die. I don't want to ever see algebra agian. ><
-Do LA compo
-Chinese book review.(HURRY! BOOK IS ALMOST DUE!)


@ 2:09 PM

50 things I'm grateful for:

  1. I'm alive
  2. I have the most awesome family
  3. I have the bestest friends ever
  4. Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT anoerexic!
  5. WTG Analeigh for managing to get modelling jobs!
  6. Yay Sam for getting runner-up!
  7. STYLISTA!!!
  8. The invention of the Natural confectoinary sweets
  9. NANYANGG!!!
  10. Yiting, Steph, and all my wonderful friends at Hufflepuff
  11. danceinastorm
  12. POPMUNDOOOO! If you ever join, join my band! :D
  13. my blog still has visitors. O:
  15. I memorised all the songs from Taylor's Fearless album
  16. hsm3!
  17. 212'09
  18. PSL!
  19. Finally getting to relax after being BOM
  20. Going to be LA rep!
  21. my wushu batchmates. they're the only reason I'm still in wushu
  23. Christmas party at my aunt's place
  24. JUNIOR!!! <333333
  25. the fact that you're reading it until here, makes me happy already. (:
  26. My handphone
  27. My laptop!
  28. Wii!
  29. Brenda is awesome!
  30. Gah Yarn is the best Science rep!
  31. Hannah is so nice!
  32. Rachel likes to have fun by poking people.
  33. Danielle can actually sit through my wierd mood swings!
  34. Huahua's bottles of bubbles!
  35. Fiona's organisation skills!
  36. Chun Shan will let me be her deskmate next year!
  37. Callie is still very random and very nice! :D
  38. Wan Lin's mom has the same name as my mom! no no, just joking. :D Wan Lin you're awesome for being so...WanLin-ish. :D
  39. Nat for just being Nat! :D
  40. So Phia for being really funny even when she didn't intend to be!
  41. Sarah and her drawings! :D
  42. Samantha is a cool pe rep and chun zhang!
  43. Jun Hui is about the nicest person you will ever meet in your entire life.
  44. Jasmine and her wonderful ideas!
  45. Grace and how much we have in common! (see handphone, mp3, skinning, random dancing etc.)
  46. Wan Qing, who will be our very enthu monitor next year! yay you!
  47. Vanessa and her funny-ness. :D
  48. Amelia and her nice-ness! :D
  49. Zest and her talking to me on the bus!
  50. TJ and her love for Harry Potter and her awesome fanfics and smart-ness!

I just invented 4 new adjectives. Go me. :D


Tuesday, December 2, 2008 @ 12:56 PM
everything is wrong.
R.I.P Renee/Deanie.

Although I haven't talked to you before, and I only know you online, you seem like a really nice person.
Everyone at Gaia and Roli will miss you terribly.
Rest in Peace.

If any of you has a dA account and want to leave her a message it's here: Deanie.

I didn't know her very well, but I can't help crying.


@ 11:44 AM
in your life you'll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team
I just realised that with this post, I'll have exactly 203 posts less than the class blog. O:

Okay, so if you take my icons, credit miss_un_known@lj or danceinastorm@lj.


unless you're an lj user, and you know how to do the lj user thing. :D

grace is relinked, nat is linked. yay me.


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