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Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 8:42 PM
Post no. 18! <3

I have to write this quick. It's 8.43pm and I sleep at 9pm

Happy Birthday Venus! Yay you fantastic Wushu senior!

We[Sec1 wushu ppl] signed a card for Venus. It was made by Yee Win. Yay! *claps*

Gr... Can't really remember much. Hm....
Oh Ya!

My first fire drill in NYGH
The alarm rang during Chinese Lesson. I was half asleep. Chinese lessons are boring. Boo...

Anyway, tomorrow's Friday! Er, not realated to topic. Sigh.

Anyway, they had a REAL Fire! I wonder if it was on pupose or fake. [the fire occured near the staicase next to 206 classroom=Diagonally down from us! D:]

Anyway, I was hurrying the class to escape and et to the boarding school. Mrs Wong[Science] was screaming at us to hurry "because the fire was spreading"! Then Mrs Wong told me to lead the class through the other way. I gathered about 5 other classmates to follow me down the Canteen stairs.

Grace led the rest through the Notice board stairs.

There were people extinguishing the fire! [I could see from the Quadrangle mah.]
Using a fire extinguisher! [Speaking the obvious as usual.]

Then at the boarding school, I was first to reach the gathering place for 112, so I was waving the sign for Grace and the rest to see.

We were playing Tarzan and Broken Telephone when the whole class gathered. Yup, massive Broken telephone! :D
We made a lot of noise. o_o

Anyway, the fire drill was so fun! I saw my wushu senior Alyssa sweeping up the ashes of the fire druing recess. EXTENDED RECESS CAUSE THEY ATE UP OUR RECESS WITH THE FIRE DRILL!

END :]

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Friday, February 22, 2008 @ 6:20 PM
Font has been enlarged for gracey. :]

Hello lovelies! <3
It's friday, so that means UPDATE~

I'm pretty poud of my class.
We are actully caring about talentime!
I mean, at first, some people absolutely didn't care.
We have class spirit man! <3

Today, NYGH gave us yoghurt.
FREE YOGHURT for fruits and vegetables day.
Meiji Yoghurt.
Man, I LOVE Nanyang!
Last time in rgps, we just had parent volunteers sell fruits.
My two favourite meiji yoghurt flavours: Aloevera and Mixed fruit.
Strawberry isn't very nice. D;

Wushu CIP:
I sat on the bus with Boon hui. She's a very nice girl. :]
We went to this hospital and pushed their wheelchairs from their wards to the stage place.
Then we watched the Guzheng, Lion Dance and Wushu people perform.
The old folks there are very cheerful you know! :]
The lion dance was a bit long. I kept wondering when it would end.
The Guzheng performed very well. Good job gals!
The wushu were , like whoa.
When they did the ji ti in such a confined space,[The stage space was really small.] I was worried that they might accidentally hit one of the old folks.
Haha, they almost did. They stopped just in time. :]
Then we gave the old folks cookies and oranges. Bai nian you know!
I was so hungry. One of my wushu friends gave me chocolates. <33 Thanks Yee Win![sp?]
then we pushed them back to their wards.

It was a really good experience for me. My first time doing this type of CIP. :]

Whee! My father bought Wii. I can play during the weekend! Yay! <3333

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Thursday, February 21, 2008 @ 8:34 PM
Isn't it rare? I actually have time to blog. Haha.
My blog seems dead. No one really tags anymore. sigh.

Anyway, I'm doing my post storytelling SIA activity while making this post. .___.

We[Singapore] won the bid for YOG! I think we deserved something after all of Singapore's efforts to garner support for the bid. Plus, it helps promote sporting among the people! I received a brochure about our bid today during school. Our school sent 10 runners to run the torch relay thing. I think it's really cool. And now all my friends on msn are all celebrating our win for the YOG. :]

The check spelling option isnt working. Grr..

Anyway, I realised some things about my Sec1 wushu mates today.
Hilary really likes to dance.
Lilia and Esther have a lot of class spirit. [They shouted random thingslike, "1/08! /one eight rocks!"]

112 You guys rock yes? YES! <333333333333333333333333
Hahas. We rock your socks.

I'm doing my Activity thing as I earlier mentioned. For the "Class Feedback" part, I put in Wan Qing's comment.
Yes, her EVIL comment. D:<

Anyway, I better focus on my activity. I want to sleep early today. Tomorrow I have Wushu CIP. Boo, how sad. :[

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 @ 3:25 PM
Hello! <3333
I know I have'nt been posting in a long time. But what can I say? A LOT OF HOMEWORK.

Everyone in my class is feeling sick and sleepy and upset.
I swear Wan Qing's face got redder by the end of FPS. She took her temperature and apparently she was fine. But her forehead feels warmer than mine! O.O

Anyway, 2 more weeks to Lifeskills Camp! I can't wait! *dances* We[The main dancers] have been practcing like siao for Talent time. I hope we win! :]

What was I going to say....
Oh right!

I met Gloria's mom today. She was walking out of the mrt station that side and I was walking towards the mrt station.
She asked me stuff like, How's school, Can you cope, blahblahblah. Then she commented that she hadn't seen me in a long time. And then we said goodbye to each other.

What a coincidence.

Is coincidence spelt like that?


Anyway, I better start doing my homework!
Friday, February 15, 2008 @ 2:37 PM
Today I have time to blog!
Because it's fridayyyy! Woots! <3
Anyways, TGIF, gosh I love fridays.

I went back to rgps today. Early dismissal mah. We[ Gin, SoPhia, Carrissa and I] went to visit the teachers. We saw Hilary and Gao Ge there as well. We saw Mdm loe, Mr Tao, Mrs Sng, Mrs Ho[lim], Mrs Lim Chiat Hwee, Chen lao shi, Zhang lao shi etc.

According to Gin, Mr Teo shooed her away. Booo.
Well, she went to say hi when he was teaching and he said bye.

Speaking of which, Callie couldn't come today.
She had to go for her great-grandmother's funeral.

Callie! You never come!
So sad you know.

Callie didn't come. No one to talk to.
Yeah, even Wan Lin, Wan Qing and So Phia didn't talk to me.
Especially you Wan Lin! You sit next to me! D:<
So I pratically ignored them back. Hmph.
So Phia went with me to rgps, so I didn't really ignore her. She's a nice person.
I got a mark on my right arm. Huahua accidentally hit it using her skipping rope during PE. :[

The end.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 @ 4:58 PM
Monday, February 11, 2008 @ 7:19 PM
Yay, I changed the layout! Like it? It's nice right? I love it. :]

Awesomely short post nya?
Friday, February 8, 2008 @ 10:10 PM
Hah. I don't hate that person now. [refer to previous post]
Because I found another person I hate more.
Seriously. I swear she has a grudge against me. D:<

Having a fantastic new year I hope? :]
I got fortune cookies! woots. Gonna give them to Callie and a few others.
Mine read: Don't always depend on luck, work harder. 5094 .Lols. Sorry dear, I almost always depend on luck. :] So about the 5094.. do you think I should get my father to buy 4d? I kid, I kid. xD

Grace and I found out who our angel was. :] Go us!

We didn't win the hamper making competition. So sad. :[

I went back to RGPS[or regaps as I call it]!! I was like, super ENTHU when I stepped into the back gate. I looked around the basketball courts but, alas, they were not there.
Then at the edge, I saw three rgs girls.
I looked closer.

"Ohmaigosh! That's Cheryl!"
Yar. She was with Su yun and some one else. Can't remember. Then Cheryl told me that THEY were on the fourth floor =GEP FLOOR! Callie and I walked [well I kinda jumped around and ran] to the fourth level.
And I hugged the "our usual meeting place" of me and my groupies. Yes, I hugged it.

Then I saw...... KIMBERLY! I waved hi to her and she was eating I think. She waved back enthusiastically.

Then I stepped into the familiar Territory of 6r classroom...... And was immediately met by screams. Cassandra rushed forward screaming and hugged me.
I screamed as well. >.<>

Then I walked to 6Q classroom and saw Roanna running out. Apparently, word had gotten out that Callie and I had arrived. Roanna and I were screaming and screaming and screaming. Boy, do I love reunion. xD

I spent the next few minutes writing on the board[The others from RGS didn't give me any space! D:<] Like: 112 eggs! <3>

I siao one lol. :]

Boy, do I miss my lovely friends now. :[

ps: I found out that my wushu senior Ethel is from rgps! : D
pss: Thanks Ro for the dog toy! Junior loves it. He has been squeaking it for three days straight. More details next post.
psss: Zhang lao shi gave us free food! <3>
Super pssss: 6P, Q, R '07' Rock! GEP RGPS '07' <333>
Tuesday, February 5, 2008 @ 6:50 PM
Hello my lovelies! Today, my post begins with a full fledged rant! Hooray!
I Don't Dance is seriously stuck in my head. Don't laugh. >:( I warn you now.

Rant #1: It's like no one appreciates me and my efforts to go down every morning, wait till I'm seriously bored and then keep the class key and make sure it's safe. No one. Okay, maybe just a few. I'm not complaining about keeping the class key. Honestly.

After Dance, I was the last to reach class. Who could blame me? People walk at their own paces.

When I ran towards the class door, opened it for everyone. Someone said "Thank You."
You must be thinking " Wah liao siao person, people say thank you must also complain."

I'm not siao.
Maybe sometimes but that's not the point.

The PERSON said it in like such an ungrateful way. Like she was being all sarcastic.
In the tone that says "Whine whine, would hurry? You slow idiot."

I temprorarily hate that person.

I won't tell you who. That person knows who she is. [ I think.]
I now sound like a whiny idiot. I know. Sorry. :[

Anyway, Wushu was rather okayish. We just sat on the benches and watched our seniors while they took thier "exam".

CNY eve is tomorrow! We're going to have this mass shu fa thing. I think it's really cool 8)
I can't wait to go back to school. REALLY CAN'T WAIT! <3

Tomorrow must hand class t-shirt design hor. REMEMBER!
If I can remember it myself.

~That girl sitting in the corner
Friday, February 1, 2008 @ 7:19 PM
Chelsea! you better be reading this 'cause I told you to do so.

Anyways, I realised I haven't fully explained what happened during the meeting. lols.

We we taught on how to take minutes. Which means basically recording down what happened in the meetings.

Lol. This entry is like an entry for the sake of writing entries. xD
@ 6:10 PM
The CCM Training was okay-ish. I hyper-ventilate when I couldn't find the class key! ! I found it in my pencil case later. Thanks goodness.
I was suppoed to get a certificate or something, but I didn't get it!

So, Grace, Nat, Chun Shan, Sarah, Hannah, DID YOU GET IT [ the certificate]?

Anyway, being Asst Monitress really has its benefits. I get extra points that can be counted as CCA points. Woots. x)

@Gin and Brenda: Hello there! :D I'll tag both of you. :]

Woots, it's the weekend peeps! TGIF!

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