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“I have always been fascinated with fairy tales, and the idea that Prince Charming is just one castle away. And you’re gonna run across a field and meet each other in the middle, and have an amazing, perfect movie kiss. And it’s gonna be happily ever after.”

Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 2:59 PM
I'm such a softie. I've watched this video 3 times and have cried every time:

Thailand makes the best commercials, ngl.
Thursday, May 28, 2009 @ 10:14 PM
Today was awesome, mostly because of training/batchmates/cca-mates.

That is all. (until tmr!)

-ping ghee
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 7:29 PM
And I said no no, no no-oh-oh, I said no oh, you're not the one for me.;


Esther! I want our pictures at moony's house! >.<

I need to learn how to prioritise in worse case scenarios.

Speech training was okay, because I had xinlizhunbei that we were going to do a speech about food, but in the end we didn't. Lilia helped me yesterday to think about the foods okay!

But we had a pair speech, and chun shan and I got computers as our topic. We talked about hackers, computer games and bad people/pedophiles.

Speech training is amusing.

Ancient Chinese Math was FUN! <3333
Yeah, we went through the magic square which was seriously veryvery cool! The teacher is super nice! She gave us bookmarks and files and let us watch a very-the-drama video on ancient chinese math! ;D

Callie, Liang Xuan and I went to buy these destress balls from Popular for $1.60. LMAO waste of money, but extremely cool and spastic.

"Training" was kinda fun because we got to play badminton/captain's ball! Very amusing because wu lao shi played, and only lilia dared to attack her, haha ! :D

The performance was funny, because Esther's hairband dropped and Hilary came up faster than me! And WQ was smiling at some parts of her tao.

We learnt Indian dance, which again was very amusing because Esther, Lilia, Moony, Janice, Venus and I formed our own circle away from everyone else, and started dancing wierd stuff. One of the dances we just luanluan bian, and evreyone was staring! HAHA <33333

I'm quite scared for tmr, because the speech training teacher said we should have xin li zhun bei for something! which I don't know! I'm scared it's improptu speeches again. eep.

-ping ghee
Monday, May 25, 2009 @ 8:01 PM
Don't Stop Believing is stuck in my head! YAY!

Sabbaticals make me bored/sad. Seriously, I hate my sabbaticals this year. ):

Ancient Chinese math is so boring, mostly because of all the history of chinese Math we learned today.

Speech training isn't boring, but incredibly stressful, because,
  1. I speak chinese wierdly, like some american born chinese who's forced to take up chinese
  2. I have zero confidence. nada. zilch. and we're supposed to talk in front of a bunch of strangers about a topic? Fun. Real fun.
  3. I have braces, so I tend to mutter and mumble more. Braces look wierd on me.

Ah! sigh. I want to skip the week. ):

*crosses fingers for fever/flu/anything that can get me out of school*



-ping ghee. ):


Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 4:03 PM

I love Glee so effing much! Ahhhh! gleegleegleegleegleegleegleegleeglleeeeeeee!

Glee is a new FOX(?) tv show, starting in the Fall. But the pilot episode has already been shown! I love it so freaking much, and all the friends on my livejournal friends list all love it! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! <33333333333333

This below video made me love Rehab so much! I actually don't like Amy Winehouse. OMG GLEEEEEEEE


Sorry for the pun, but
Glee makes me Glee-full! ;D


Friday, May 22, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

We went to Moony's house today! After schoool! it was so awesome, because in the morning I had a nervous breakdown, so it was relaxing and an escape!

First time we did something together as a batch but not wushu related! Yay!

So we dumped our bags at her house, and Esther discovered the wondrous mirror in Moony's room. OMg, Moony's house is like a RESORT. I'm not kidding, they have a CAFE and its like seperated into three/four VILLAGES. ZOMG. So cool! ;D YAY

Then Moony and I went down to the cafe to order pizza! And then went to the bus stop to pick up WQ. WQ didn't ask for instructions to get to Moony's house on the first phone call!

Me: "How does wan qing know the way?"
Moony: "If she has sense, she'll call back."
*two seconds later, phone rings*
;D Yay, telepathyyy!

And then I tried calling Esther to tell her pizza is coming, but she didn't pick up! Then I called Hilary and Lilia, but all hopeless cases! ;D
Then Moony called her own home, so yeah, it worked out in the end! yay us.

Okay, so we waited for WQ, and WQ only knew to go off the bus after she saw us at the bus stop. She was like, "oh" and hurried to get off. >__>
We saw TJ on the bus with WQ~ ;D

And then we walked back, and WQ was trying to crack jokes about retrenchment and stuff.

Then we got back, and we started the movie (?) which was Bedtime Stories!

YAy, it was so spastic and we even took a commercial break to eat pizza and camwhore (with Qiu Hao, Esther and Lilia) and it was aweosme.

What I love about small movie screenings is that you can laugh at the funny parts and go "uhhhhhh" in the wierd parts with everyone else doing the same. (:

Thank you Moony! You're a good host!

-ping ghee
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @ 9:12 PM
Hanging out with TJ, Jun Hui, Wan Lin and Callie @ KAP today made me realise something:

I haven't had that much fun in a long, long, long time.

Srsly, love you guys.
Saturday, May 16, 2009 @ 5:39 PM
Subway, WTF-ery, WTF-ery part 2, you're prettyyy.;

I ate Subway today for the first time in my life, and now to me, Subway is love. Seriously. I loved my bacon sandwich! And the cookies were made of awesome.

Regarding WTF-ery part 1, it might get me killed because of its content (it's considered cyber bullying!) but I'm gonna put it down without any important names.

So, on my way back to the class with Wan Qing and Wan Lin, we met Nat, So Phia and Danielle. We found out that _____ wanted them to rewrite a paragraph from their SIA because they (Nat and So Phia) did too well on it. WTF?! ______ thought that they plagarised! Although it's clearly So Phia's style. And, _____ can't find any evidence to base her accusations of plagarism! ARGH! If she fails them, I'm gonna write a petition, we're gonna tell Ms Lye, and complain to the !!!! department head. I don't care.

Seriously, does this mean she thinks we're not up to standard? Honestly, I think she's just jealous she can't write like they do.
It's not fair to Nat and So Phia okay. Honestly, she could take out all of So Phia's essays and compare. IT'S HER STYLE. TAKE IT.

And that made me pissed all day. D:<

WTF-ery part two happened on the same day. oh, chaos theory.

It rained, and we had our 5 items in the hall. The effing slippery hall. I COULD HAVE GOTTEN GOLD, DAMMIT. ARGH! I missed out by about 0.2 seconds in shuttle run! ARGH. THE HALL HAS A BAD AURA. and to prove my point, our class had a lot of people getting gold last year, and this year, everyone dropped! This is making me depressed.

As I told Moony and Jun Hui, Next year if they hold it in the hall, I swear, I will punch my fist through the hall floor and grab the canteen light below. D:<

That was the worst day of my life.

Oh ANTM spoilers below! (Yes, I do watch bimbo shows like that. CREEPY CHAN FTW.) :
Congrats Teyona, even though I don't like you. Because, Allison will have a better chance at modelling in the future, cause she's not tied down to ANTM and CoverGirl. Honestly, Allison should have won.

AND, the only time Aminat DESERVED to stay, she got elminated. WTF.

-Ping Ghee
Monday, May 11, 2009 @ 8:14 PM

I think I have terrible luck with my psl nametag, or shiny sparkly nametags even.

Let's count the times:

  1. I lost my BOM badge and didn't bother getting a new one because it was the end of year anyway. And I wasn't planning on running for monitor again anyways
  2. My PSL badge got destroyed in the washing machine.
  3. My extra PSL badge got lost in school, and 3 or so days later Julia found it. YAY!
  4. My extra PSL lost. I think I dropped it in the bus on the way home on Sunday. I remember clearly not having any freaking idea where to put it, because my gigantic rose was in my bag. I think I put it in my lap and forgot about it. D: boo. I'm still hoping either Fiona took it by mistake or its somewhere in the depths of my bag. pray hard for me/my badge.

not efffing happy today, PING GHEE

Friday, May 8, 2009 @ 9:24 PM
I'm so fricking pissed at *name* right now, it's not even funny.

Thanks, you spoiled my night.

no love, ping ghee.
Thursday, May 7, 2009 @ 9:56 PM
I'm still alive.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 @ 9:00 PM
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose;

Tomorrow we're getting back History AND Math papers!

I told a few people that I'm gonna commit suicide if I don't get A1 for math, and I freaking serious ya-know.

I'm failing math, and I really need A1! *spasm*

Anyway, if you don't see me tomorrow, it's probably because:
  1. I already left the world
  2. I didn't want to come to school just because I felt like it (HAHA DO I HAVE A CHOICE?)
  3. I died of embarassment during drama
  4. I fainted during heats
  5. I'm crying in the toilet. D: *touchwoood,touchwood.*

Anyways, I've realised I'm a terrible comforter seriously.

But anyways, Wan Qing, even if you don't get into council it's THEIR loss! ;D cheer up, maybe they'll see through you and realise you have potential! Yay!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009 @ 9:12 PM
All my batch mates have been so emo lately!

Cheer up guys. :)
@ 8:52 PM
This post is titled:

Stuff I'm thinking in my head right now.

  1. Yes, Esther, Taylor Swift is awesome. :D I love her and her music omgzzflail.
  2. Poor Egyptian pigs
  3. I hate the Swine Flu
  4. People love over-reacting.
  5. 撑腰 dance!
  6. ...
  7. I'm bored, all the block tests are over.
  8. Math is scary. I'm so scared I'll make some stupid careless mistake. D:
  10. I need to do my chinese dang an.


Monday, May 4, 2009 @ 8:32 PM
All that time he was taking her for granted;

I'm SO gonna fail math, I can see it already. I'm the least mugger among all my friends, omgflail

And to end this post on a happy note:

Form taylor's You Belong with me video. I love it so freaking much.
Friday, May 1, 2009 @ 9:13 PM
Rude people suck + The epic flu;

Today I went to Ikea.

So after we bought our stuff, we went to the restaurant to eat.

So we were seated at this high table, where two other families sandwiched us.

A little girl about 7 or 8 yrsold, from the family on the left, was looking at me with this high proudish look. for no apparent reason. maybe it's because I was left with my sister at the table while my parents bought food.

like wtf?

My parents cannot leave me alone for a few minutes to buy food, and you look down on me?

srsly? I'm freaking older than you.

That didn't make sense. but you should have seen her. geez.



It's so scary. Scarier than SARS.

And I was scared of SARS.

I only have one qns though: WHY do they call it Swine flu? Does the flu come from pigs? When you eat pork, will you get it? Someone enlighten me on this topic pls. thank you.


Some ANTM spoilers and bimboness below:

1. WTH is wrong with you tyra?
2. Teyona is annoying
3. Allison is awesome and should totally win.
4. Aminat should stop talking and go soon, or I will scream if she's in top three.
5. Celia is pretty awesome too.
6. Poor Fo, she was SCAMMED.

The end. <3

OH BTW: Taylor Swift finished video-ing You Belong with me, and she's going to make it a single! YAYS!

And her official video for The Best Day is already on Youtube! YAY HER. AND SHE'S ON PEOPLE'S TOP 100 UNDER-21 MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. ILH. AND IT'S FOR THE SEOND YEAR IN THE ROW! <33333
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