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“I have always been fascinated with fairy tales, and the idea that Prince Charming is just one castle away. And you’re gonna run across a field and meet each other in the middle, and have an amazing, perfect movie kiss. And it’s gonna be happily ever after.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 10:43 PM

Now everytime I hear this song, I think of facs. 17th SLC FACS ARE SO DAMN COOL, CAUSE WE'VE GOT THAT X-FACtor!
Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 10:05 PM
someone please tell them who the eff i is;

Not really. I would just like to say a big "I TOLD YOU SO" to myself. I keep effing things up. Things always get effed up.
No matter if I tell you straight to your face you always break my promises, you keep breaking them. I'm such a pushover right. Because you know the next day I'll say sorry. I'm always the one saying sorry, even when I'm not at all.
One day you will regret everything you did to me. You will. And then you'll realise you never appreciated me being around, and all you'll have left is regret. Effing regret.

You, with your words like knives. You call people this and that, when in actual fact, it's the classic case of pot calling kettle black.
I'm just frustrated with myself. A lot.
No one really cares anyway. This place is even more secluded than my twitter or tumblr.
I think I like it here. Where no one gives a damn about what I say, so I'm in free liberty to speak now.
Why would anyone care either? I'm just an insignificant part of their lives
Do you know, how do you get up from an all time low?
Mm, I shall go listen to some The Wanted to high myself up again.
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